Reseller agreement with Apex Registry Inc.

PART A Services and Support

  • As a reseller we will allow you the ability to appear as a full fledged registrar with all the control and back up from us that you need.
  • We will try to appear as invisible as possible so that you clients always go back to you.
  • You may have sub resellers below you.
  • We will provide you with full backend support using your choice or any combination of a fully configurable web based interface and API.
  • You may ask us all the registrar related questions that you cannot answer for you customers and then pass with responses on without stating the source.
  • You acknowledge that you must serve all the rights and privileges that you clients require as registrants.
  • You agree that the registrant agreement must be followed with all special rules for global (gTLD) domains (under the current juristiction of ICANN) and the country code (ccTLD)
  • You acknowledge that in the event that you are unable to provide timely service to your clients, we as the registrar are required to take over and provide such support to your clients. Furthermore you acknowledge that  if you continue is such a manner to fail to provide such support to your customers that in order to keep the reputation of the registrar and other resellers to be of the highest quality we can and will take over your client base and offer it to other resellers that have demonstrated competence in handling the affairs of their clients.
  • You acknowledge and undertake responsibility for providing accurate contact information from your customers to Apex and that you will respond back to us within 5 days for any requested update to the Whois should it appear inaccurate or incomplete.
  • You are responsible for maintaining a balance with us in order to perform domain registation, renewal, transfers and any other services we may offer you.
PART B Non disclosure Agreement,
  • You  agree that  being providing with access to  our application program technology (API) is solely for the  interface necessary to support  your customers.
  • You will not copy or use the technology in any way other than the intended purpose using this registrar.
  • You will not attempt to combine, alter or adapt the interface in any way or with any other party.
  • You acknowledge that the API belongs solely to the registrar.
  • You will not abuse (intentionally or otherwise)  the struture of these services provided to you.
  •  You will not attempt to reverse engineer or use any method to obtain source code.
  • You are responsible for your clients following these rules.
  • Infractions will result in suspensions of all privileges and legal action where appropriate.
PART C Liability
  • You agree to indemnify hold harmless the registrar, it agents, representives and subsidaries from any action, proceeding or claim relating to the use of our services.
  • You agree that should the interface fail to repond or be remedied in a timely maner your only recourse is suspension of this contract and refund of any of your fees that have not yet been used.

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